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2014 Training & Academy Schedule

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August 4-6

Portland, OR

Counseling the Affluent 

Taking Your Practice to the Next Level

2.5 days

This Academy is Open to all

You will learn what clients tell us they expect from their advisors, learn how to ask the right questions, practice with the class and return to your office with confidence you can apply what you learned to meet the clients expectations….without disrupting your existing practice!

Read More Here  Register Here

August 4-6

Portland, OR

Heritage Design Professional Quarterly Coaching program-2014-1-Session #3

(Open to Coaching program enrollees only)

August 13-15

Dallas, TX

Heritage Design Professional Quarterly Coaching program 2014-2  begins-Enroll Now!

Contact Lori Coonen, Brian Bell, or Rod Zeeb for more information

GenUs Design Week September 15-19th

35% Discount if you attend FULL WEEK

Register HERE for discount

September 15-17

The Westin O’Hare - Chicago

GenUs Imagined                     

2.5 days (ends at 11:30 AM Wednesday)                                                                                   

This Academy is Open to all

Learn how to facilitate a process through which the client imagines and describes where they want to be in the future, where they are today, and, what gap(s) exist between their ideal today and ideal tomorrow. Register Here

September 17-19

The Westin O’Hare - Chicago

GenUs Engineered–Becoming the Indispensable Leader

2.5 days (Begins at 1:15PM Wednesday)

This Academy is Open to all

We have been asking clients what they really want from their advisors.  Simply stated, your clients want ONE advisor who can help them imagine and describe their big picture desired outcomes, and then facilitate the team they need to achieve those outcomes. During this academy, you will learn how to profitably facilitate your client’s team and become your client’s indispensable advisor by using the GenUs Engineered process. Register Here

October 1-2

San Antonio TX (done at noon on Oct 2)

Heritage Design Professional Year 2 and 3+-(Coaching Group)

(Open to Heritage Design professionals only.  Contact Lori Coonen to register. Participation in the October meeting is free if you register with Lori on or before September 1, 2014Cost is $150 if you register after September 1st. )

October 2-3 (begins at 1 PM)

San Antonio TX

Study Group #1 (By invitation only)

November 3-4

Portland, OR

1st CWCC / Heritage Design Professional Quarterly Coaching program 2014-1

Session #4

(Open to Coaching program enrollees only)

November 3-5

Dallas, TX

Profitability by Design Coaching Group Session #1

November 12-13

Dallas, TX

2nd Heritage Design Professional Quarterly Coaching program- Session #2

2015 Save the Date!

AnnualMeeting Week

January 26-30, 2015

Location :

Wyndham Hotel –

Avenue of Arts –

Orange County, CA

The Complete





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‘Profitability by Design’

Coaching Program

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