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2014-2015 Training & Academy Schedule

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October 1-2

San Antonio TX (done at noon on Oct 2)

Heritage Design Professional Year 2 and 3+-(Coaching Group)

(Open to Heritage Design professionals only.  Contact Lori Coonen to register. Participation in the October meeting is free if you register with Lori on or before September 9, 2014.  Cost is $150 if you register after September 9th. ) Embassy Suites San Antonio Downtown - Riverwalk

October 2-3 (begins at 1 PM)

San Antonio TX

Study Group #1 (By invitation only)

November 3-4

Portland, OR

Heritage Design Professional Coaching program 2014-1 -Session #4

(Open to Coaching program enrollees only)

November 12-13

Dallas, TX

Heritage Design Professional Coaching program 2014-2- Session #2

2015 Save the Date!

Annual Meeting Week will be held at the Wyndham Hotel - Avenue of the Arts,  Orange County, CA on January 26-30, 2015.  MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS TODAY! 

January 26-28th, 2015

NEW Heritage Design Professional Coaching Program 2015-1 – Session #1 Begins

Heritage Design Professionals Coaching Program 2014-2 - Session #3



January 30th - ANNUAL MEETING - Day 2 until Noon.

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Registration Opening Soon!

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