The Heritage Institute's Strategic Partners stand ready to assist Heritage Members as they identify, reach and engage clients in Heritage Design and The Heritage ProcessTM. They are thoroughly versed in our training. They can help you to achieve your goals and objectives right out the gate because they don't need to be brought up to speed on the details. They understand Heritage Design and The Heritage ProcessTM, they are familiar with THI and its operations, and they are leaders in their respective fields.

The objective of our Strategic Partners is to help our members spend their time where it is most productive: with their clients.

We are proud to be associated with our Strategic Partners,  and pleased to be able to introduce them to you here.

Helping advisors focus on the client.

C.O.R.E. GROUP, USA. has been with THI since the beginning. CORE delivers value in the form of a range of important services, from planning to business processing. CORE's Relationship Managers, Case Design Services and Case Management help them stand apart from other life and annuity distributors.

To know CORE is to know CEO Jack Beatty. Jack's wisdom, insight and tireless support for the THI mission, along with his unique instructional manner, have helped to make this Strategic Partnership a truly remarkable journey. And, if you've read Jack's white papers on topics including Decision-Making, Roles and Change, Team Collaboration and Strategic Alliances, you appreciate the concrete value that he and CORE deliver to the THI community. Reach CORE:

Arizona (800) 991-6695

Indiana (866) 482-6002


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Dan Garrett

Abilene, TX

  1. (800)979-1906

The mission of Abilene Christian University is to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. The ACU Foundation is a resource center for friends of the university who want to pass their values on to family, friends and generations of students educated for Christian service and leadership.

GenUs Books publishes and distributes the best selling novel What Matters, and the classic non-fiction book Beating the Midas Curse,which is now available in a new softcover 2nd edition. GenUs Books also creates and prepares special, custom-branded editions of each book for advisors and organizations to share with their clients, colleagues, donors and prospective clients and collaborative team members. And, GenUs Books produces special Workbooks and Readers’ Guides for Heritage and GenUs Training Academies.

Henderson, NV 
(702) 990-3035

Allegiance is a new presence in the publishing world.  In 2015 Allegiance will begin publication of a new series of powerful fiction and engaging non-fiction works designed to create lasting impact upon reading audiences around the world.

Cheyenne, WY

  1. (307)275-9770