The Heritage Institute (THI) is a community of like-minded men and women dedicated to making a difference in the world.  Our members include professionals from a variety of financial, legal, insurance, non-profit and other advisory and client-service professions.

We founded THI and created The Heritage ProcessTM  to be a bridge between the ‘products’ of traditional planning (things like wills and trusts) and the hopes and dreams that parents and grandparents have for their family to be unified, productive and healthy for many generations. To achieve that goal, the family must learn to identify what matters most to them, how to work together, and how to equip succeeding generations to deal with the responsibilities and opportunities of both the financial and the emotional inheritances they will receive.  That is what we help them to accomplish.

Advisors trained to provide the Heritage ProcessTM are located in the USA, Canada, Western Europe and Brazil. 

  1. We provide training, coaching and mentoring to professionals and non-profits on “Mastering Your Market” including enrolling new clients and professionals, building deeper relationships with your clients, and building and facilitating collaborative teams of professionals to serve your clients;

  1. We provide training, certification and practice support regarding The Heritage ProcessTM to professionals and non-profits;

  1. We provide The Heritage ProcessTM  to families and individuals in collaboration with their advisors; and

  1. We provide The Heritage ProcessTM directly to families and individuals.

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White Paper:

Sustaining Family Wealth & Unity Across Generations

Your family’s assets, and its unity, can be sustained from one generation to the next. The specific elements required to accomplish this have been tried, tested and proven over centuries.  Research at The Heritage Institute was inspired by this question: “if 90% of families fail to keep their unity and their assets together across generations, what do the ‘successful’ 10% do differently?”

Our work, plus contemporary studies and the cumulative experience of professional advisors, provided the answer: families who remain strong and unified across generations share many specific ‘elements of success’ in common, including how they intentionally teach and transmit those elements to succeeding generations.

How we help to keep families strong

and united– for generations.

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