Training Schedule

We offer academies every quarter (typically in February, June, September and November).  We also offer our 100 level academies “in-house” (we come to you based on your schedule, rather than you traveling to our Academies).  We recently rolled out a “flex schedule” option in which we will match your available dates with others in the community, and offer academies on those dates.  The tuition for “in-house” and “flex schedule” courses are determined for each individual academy (depending on location and number of participants) and may be higher than normal tuition.  And, tuition for “in-house” and “flex schedule” academies are not included in the Heritage Design Professional membership fees.

More About our Training

Heritage Institute academies provide concrete strategies, techniques and tools that you can put to work in your own business immediately. They are based upon original research and real-world application, and they have been refined and proven through interactions with clients, advisors, non-profits and institutions across two decades.

Our instructors have extensive experience in the private and /or non-profit sectors, and are national leaders in their fields. Past academy attendees tell us that the academy material and concepts were unlike any they had ever seen, and that their opportunities for meaningful participation were the best they have ever experienced.

For those who seek to become Heritage Design Professionals TM

Our Certification level academies are for anyone who desires to provide The Heritage Process™ in its entirety, or who desire to or will partner/collaborate with one or more Heritage Design Professionals to provide Heritage design to their own clients, and to partner and collaborate with other professionals to provide multi-generational heritage design and The Heritage Process™ to their clients.  The Heritage Design Professional TM desires to understand the entire process and to be equipped to participate at any level. Click here to learn more about certification, and about our other membership options.

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Training for Advanced Certification

A single Heritage Academy can make the difference you have been looking for

Many of our Academies are open to any professional, with no pre-requisite study required.  Professionals from financial services, law and the non-profit world can experience immediate benefits in their businesses from the application of the training they receive in a single Academy.  Click here to visit our Academy Training Schedule.

Many of our Academies are open to all

Advanced Training

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